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We carry the Clear "Willard Water" 8 oz! Also available in XXX Dark on request.

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Read below about the amazing benefits adding�of Willard Water with Diatomaceous Earth Regime every day! First some quick Q & A.

What is Willard Water� exactly?

A. Willard Water� is an altered form of water that has been activated with the addition of a patented micelle catalyst developed by Dr. John W. Willard PhD. When consumed daily, Dr. Willard's Water� has some very useful properties, setting it apart from regular water, leading to several benefits including enhanced nutrient assimilation, increased toxin removal, and cellular stress reduction.�

Q. How can the product help with vitamin/mineral/nutrient absorption and toxin removal?

A. Willard Water breaks down food and toxin particles in the bloodstream into even smaller particles which allows a warm blooded body and cells to more readily absorb the good while more efficiently flushing the bad.

Q. How should Willard Water be diluted?

A. Willard Water CLEAR should be diluted:

 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of water, tea, juice or other non-carbonated liquid (detox effects may be felt at higher dilution ratios so first time users are advised to use teaspoon and work their way up)

Q. How does the product help with my pH or internal alkalinity?

A. Some health experts believe that a body's pH levels is a key factor in determining overall health of a warm blooded animal. Willard Water has a very high alkaline pH value of 12.3 and when diluted as directed permanently increases water pH by up to two points which helps restore a healthy pH balance in the body.

READ MORE! It is truly an exciting health product for the warm blooded "animal"

Helping a body operate more efficiently

In addition, the drinking of Willard Water helps assimilate nutrients from food and helps break down waste materials and toxins for expulsion. Willard Water has the unique ability to collect electrons from water and the atmosphere releasing them as needed while increasing the bio-magnetism of cells up to 50 percent.

The Discovery of Altered Water

Some 30 years ago, Dr. John Willard made an amazing discovery. He discovered a way to change the molecular structure of ordinary water to create a new form of activated water with extraordinary properties. He called it "catalyst altered water" or CAW.

Reduction of Stress

One of the extraordinary properties of Dr. Willard's Water is to reduce stress in warm blooded animals. Modern medical research suggests that stress is a contributing factor in the vast majority of major illnesses. Further research has linked stress to a build-up of "free radicals" in the blood stream. Reducing these "free radicals" by the use of antioxidents is today's cutting edge medical research. Willard Water is not only a proven, powerful antioxidant, but is also a scavenger of "free radicals" which should reduce stress and vulnerability to major illness if this new research is correct.

We won't say this "Catalyst Altered Water" can do anything other than what the patents prove in "warm blooded animals" and plants. However, most noticeable is the reduction in occurrence of infectious diseases, and better utilization of food are beneficial to all "warm blooded animals".

Getting Started

Start drinking Willard Water with an eight ounce bottle of concentrate which is mixed to the ratio of one ounce concentrate to one U.S. gallon of filtered water (makes eight gallons total). You can also use 10 drops (eye dropper) into a pet bowl. If you don't have a drinking water filter yet, you made want to add this to your household. The 8 oz. bottle should last one person two months or more depending on their consumption. Most people start out drinking four ounces a day for the first few days and increase their consumption until they "settle in" to the amount that's right for them. An interesting thing about Willard Water is its effects are as unique as each individual.

Willard Water Uses and overview!


 The water can be sprayed on burns from the sun or fire to immediately relieve pain, and can also be applied daily to accelerate healing.


Willard Water is used as a calming agent for domestic animals and livestock. People also wash their pets with it in order to calm any rashes or skin irritation and also add it to their drinking water to keep it fresh (more below).


Willard Water and Conjunctivitis in Cats!

What is Conjunctivitis? Conjunctivisis the medical term to describe swelling and redness of the tissue around the eyes. It is a chronic cat illness that can show up and then disappear many times during a cat�s life. Some causes of conjunctivitis are infection, dysfunctional or non-existent tear ducts and scars left over from previous cases or injuries. There are a few other possible causes, but the illness is most often caused by the herpes virus.

Cat Herpes (or rhinotracheitis) is an upper respiratory problem that is part of the feline distemper shot that most kittens are given. This vaccine is intended to limit the intensity of the herpes virus, not prevent it entirely. Most cats actually encounter the virus at an early age and are not visibly affected by it. Herpes can actually stay dormant inside of a cat until it finds a weakness in the cat�s immune system. Stress is a usual cause of a weakened immune system and this is often enough to trigger the herpes.Willard water reduces stress! And improves immune system coupled with the use of Diatomaceous Earth will greatly improve the symptoms and uncomfortable effects of Conjunctivitis and Cat Herpes.

Willard Water is a catalyst that has been shown to alter the molecules in water. The healing abilities of this product have not scientifically proven, but they are fast-acting and strong and have been shown to work! Cats are often completely healed within a couple of days.

More on Willard Water and Your Pets!

Pet use

For all animals, Willard Water seems to act as a whole-body tonic. That is, it's safe to use in small amounts for long periods of time, during which it apparently helps to bring into balance all of the body's systems.

The following doses have worked well for dogs, but so have other concentrations. If you're experimental, try a little less or more and observe your dog's response.

For best results, use good-quality filtered, bottled, or uncontaminated water from a reliable source. Reverse-osmosis filtered water is highly recommended. Hard water, which contains high concentrations of minerals, is supposed to interfere with or slow the action of Willard Water.

Willard Water comes in two forms, dark and clear.The dark can be used as it contains lignite and dozens of important trace minerals.

One fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) concentrate per gallon of water is the strength recommended for daily human consumption as well as for topical application on pets for skin irritations or rash (hot spots). This same strength is a good daily drinking water for animals with acute or chronic health problems or for any animals during hot weather or times of stress. (Note that these recommendations are for Clear Willard Water and Dark XLR-8 Plus Willard Water. The greatly diluted Dark XXX product requires 2 1/4 times the amounts listed here.)

The recommended maintenance water for healthy dogs, cats, cattle, and other animals not under stress is far more dilute, such as 1/4 ounce (1/2 tablespoon, or just over 1 teaspoon) concentrate per gallon of water.

Use this solution to fill your dog's water bowl, which should be available at all times. Add it to dry, canned, or raw food. If you include grain in your dog's home-prepared diet, consider soaking it overnight in diluted Willard Water to improve digestibility.

In her book, Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, Wendy Volhard, another longtime user of Willard Water, recommends adding diluted Willard Water to your dog's drinking water when traveling to keep stress levels under control.
"Taking your own supply of drinking water is preferable," she says, "but if that is not possible, use what is available on your trip and add 2 tablespoons of diluted Willard Water to each bowl, so that your dog is not affected by the change."�
Only caution is to start slowly. Introduce Willard Water gradually and in small doses, giving small dogs 1 to 2 tablespoons of the dilute solution daily, adding it to drinking water or food. Medium-sized dogs receive 4 tablespoons per day, and large or giant breeds start with 1/2 to 3/4 cup (4 to 6 ounces).

"Too much too fast can accelerate the detoxification response," he explains. "If your dog gets diarrhea, ease off a little until his system catches up." This temporary symptom is the only adverse side effect that has been observed in treating thousands of dogs with Willard Water.


"Willard Water doesn't cure cancer," it is reported, "but it definitely supports the cancer patient (pet). It does this in part by improving digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, which strengthens immunity."

For canine patients with cancer or other serious illnesses, the recommended concentration is the same as the maintenance amount for humans, 1 fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) concentrate per gallon of water.
Spraying or applying the same dilution to skin cancers is another support strategy. Diluted Willard Water can be sprayed or applied to any canine tumor or skin growth several times per day. Simply apply thoroughly and let dry.

Any conventional, complementary, or alternative cancer therapy may work more efficiently in combination with Willard Water, which seems to improve the effectiveness of many prescription drugs, medicinal herbs, and supplements with your pet.�

Topical application

To use Willard Water topically, dilute 1 teaspoon concentrate in 1 quart water or use 2 tablespoons per gallon. Use this solution as a wash or rinse to clean and treat cuts, burns, wounds, or abrasions. Pour it directly on the affected area or use a spray bottle. Repeat the application several times per day.

Diluted Willard Water is said to be as effective in reducing pain in animals as it is in humans. Spray or apply it to sprains, bruises, trauma injuries, arthritic joints, and any area that is swollen or tender.
Use Willard Water as a hot spot treatment. It has been reported "It dries up the inflamed areas overnight". Spray it on cuts to stop the bleeding and on insect bites to reduce the swelling and irritation.
An easy way to treat injured paw pads is to briefly soak the affected foot in a bowl or pan of diluted Willard Water, then let it air-dry. To create a compress, soak a washcloth in the dilute solution and hold it in place for several minutes, or secure it with a wrapped towel or bandage. Repeat the treatment two or three times per day.

You can increase the effectiveness of any herbal compress or wash by brewing the herbal tea in a dilute solution of Willard Water, or simply add 1/2 teaspoon Willard Water concentrate to each pint (2 cups) of tea. You can add 1/4 teaspoon Willard Water concentrate to 1 cup (8 ounces) of any aromatherapy hydrosol to make the hydrosol more effective. Spray the treated hydrosol full-strength or add a teaspoon or tablespoon to your dog's drinking water.�

To improve your dog's coat, spray it with diluted Willard Water or treated hydrosol before brushing or grooming. Willard Water helps prevent dander, freshens the coat, and helps most dogs smell better. Increase the effectiveness of your dog's shampoo by mixing 1/4 cup shampoo with 1 cup diluted Willard Water. According to users who reported their results to Dr. Willard, this actually helps calm excitable or nervous show animals.

Use this mixture to scrub, rinse, reapply, and rinse again. If you use a conditioner, which may no longer be necessary, mix it at the same proportions. Finish with a final rinse of dilute Willard Water solution, an herbal tea made with diluted Willard Water, or a solution of 1 tablespoon hydrosol in 1 quart diluted Willard Water. A caution for humans: Willard Water added to shampoo, conditioner, or rinse water has stripped color from some dyed hair.

To treat any eye condition, spray diluted Willard Water directly into the dog's eye. Willard Water helps clear up conjunctivitis and other infections, and it's an effective first-aid rinse for the removal of debris. Clear Willard Water concentrate is usually recommended for use in the eyes, but many users report excellent results from rinsing or spraying eyes with dark Willard Water solutions. If desired, add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to make the solution slightly salty. Tears are saline, and adding a small amount of salt makes the solution more comfortable.

Whenever you brush your dog's teeth or give her a tooth-cleaning rope toy to chew on, spray the toothbrush or toy with diluted Willard Water.

Diluted Willard Water can be used as an ear cleaner, too. Or you can add a few drops of full-strength concentrate to any liquid ear cleaner. Willard Water helps the solution reach farther and loosen wax and debris.

The combination of Willard Water and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to you and your pets regime is known to improve overall health and well-being!