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100% Natural Perma-Guard Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

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Doyou have pests? In your house, your bedroom!  place of business, grain storage, or on/in livestock or pets?  As you may know, many people turn to chemical alternatives that only serve to deplete the environment, lower immune systems and harm us and our animals.    Many “natural” insecticides claim “minimal risk”, however, any chemicals in your environment, as reported by many experts to lower immune systems and leaves us vulnerable to viruses and flues.  (See links on our Mission Statement page for more information)

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is Mother Nature's product that poses no harm on the environment, to pets or to people. Diatomaceous Earth is not an "earth", it is the fossilized remains of microscopic fossil shells created by one celled plants called Diatoms (melosira presiclandica), which have been in our waters for a millenia.

Diatomaceous Earth works by physical action, not chemical, by puncturing the insect’s exoskeleton and absorbing its body fluids, thus posing no harm to warm-blooded life.  It is actually known to be  an amazing healer for warm-blooded life.  Moreover, on any surface, this natural product has a remarkable repellency factor. As long as it is present, insects tend to stay away, making a serious infestation unlikely. Also, with regular use, the more an environment will be created that tends to make insects feel unwelcome.

Indoor Uses:

Diatomaceous Earth is known for the control of roaches, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, flies, fleas, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, moths and many others. Diatomaceous Earth can be used in and around the home, yard, animal housing, hotels, motels ect.

Diatomaceous Earth is an effective environmentally friendly and non-toxic treatment.  This natural and effective product is known to control pests and bed bug infestations without compromising the safety and quality of a sleeping environment. 

As we are learning, bed bugs are not only found in filthy environments or unsanitary conditions.  The elimination of DDT (thankfully) and other pesticides coupled with increased international travel over the past decade may have inadvertently triggered a resurgence of bed bugs and other unwelcome nocturnal pests to many communities.  Fortunately, it is possible to control infestations, however, without exposing human beings or animals to the same deadly chemicals frequently used to eradicate insects and rodents. Diatomaceous Earth for insects/pests will naturally eradicate without the presence of any chemicals or toxins.  So, you, your children and your pets remain safe, protected and comfortable while sleeping.

The Good News is that Bed Bugs do not Generally Carry or Transmit Diseases

Attracted by heat and the presence of carbon dioxide, bed bugs can hide among sheets as easily as in bare mattresses. These tiny insects are flat and oval-shaped (pictured top), and range from brownish to maroon in color. Able to survive for up to eighteen months between feedings, bed bugs hide in cracks, crevices, fabrics and within head boards and walls.  They generally emerge at night to feed before returning to their hiding places. Because they inject their host with saliva that contains anesthetic and anti-coagulant properties, the bed bug's bite generally goes unnoticed. Welts and bumps will usually develop (pictured above left) some time later, and the only tell-tale sign that a bed bug was feeding on your blood may be a red or brownish streak found on your sheets or pillowcase the next morning.

Although bed bugs do not generally carry or transmit diseases, the dermatological reaction caused by the bed bug's saliva can cause welts, itching and discomfort as well as emotional distress. Although they prefer people, these noxious pests have been known to bite and feed off of dogs and cats as well. Bed bugs feed every five to ten days, so maintaining a hostile environment for them with Diatomaceous Earth is the only way to ensure their eventual elimination from hiding spots without introducing unwanted chemicals into your home.


For current bed bug outbreaks or other pests, spray product around mattresses and boxsprings as well as bed rails, headboards, bedframes, baseboards, all cracks and crevices and any other areas where bed bugs might hide. Repeat procedure everyday for two weeks and then twice a week to control further outbreaks from newly hatched eggs. DE is a long lasting, effective powder.  The insects cannot build up a resistance.

Cover the affected area with Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth with the rate of 8 oz.(.24 Liters) to 16 oz. (.48 Liters) per 1,000 sq. ft.

Directions:   Als refer to application video:

Cover the affected area with Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth with the rate of 8 oz.(.24 Liters) to 16 oz. (.48 Liters) per 1,000 sq. ft.

·         Premise Application

For a specific area infested with bed bugs, fleas or ticks, dust the entire area with Perma-Guard.

·         Large Application Areas

o   Use any hand application designed for the purpose of discharging powder. Dust thoroughly the first time and then periodically reapply as needed.

·         Wet Application

o   Mix with water at the rate of 2 oz. (56 grams) per quart (.95L) of water (one oz. is about 8 level teaspoons). To help keep it in suspension, add one teaspoon of mild natural detergent (found at local organic stores) and agitate the sprayer now and then while applying.

·         Re-infestation

o   Prevent re-infestation by keeping Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth on hand to treat the environments where pests live.

When using Diatomceous Earth regularly and/or in large amounts, wear a dust mask, gloves and a good set of goggles. 

Special Notes: This stuff works very well and is non-toxic.  However, it is a mineral dust and it’s not something you want to breathe in on a constant basis or in large amounts (You wouldn't breathe whole wheat flour either!)

Once you think you have the problem under control, you can vacuum up the dust and dead insects and throw away the bag or empty the canister It’ll clean out the vacuum cleaner too!

If you have a chronic problem with fleas, ticks, bed bugs and other pests, you can apply this material in a more permanent manner by doing the following.  Apply it to the sills of the building and around the perimeter of the building, where people or animals don’t go that often.  These are entry areas for the bugs.  They can live in the basement in cracks in the slab and in the sill area undisturbed.  Diatomaceous Earth will make these areas uninhabitable over the long term.

  You can drill holes in the walls of your house or building using a small drill bit and apply the Diatomaceous Earth, through the hole using a puffer bottle.  Then, putty or spackle up the hole so the stuff is in there for good, killing any bug that tries to lay eggs or live in there.

  Applying the Diatomaceous Earth by these methods will give you permanent protection and help keep the dust level down in the house and reduce undesirable, chronic, long term exposure.